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Get to Know Us

KayEmElle Art (pronounced K-M-L Art) is the hearts work of Keny Marie Leepier-Freeman. Many words come to mind describing Keny; wife, mother and one-woman show are at the top of the list.  In 2005, Keny started creating arts and craft projects in her garage. First, she hand-painted rocks, then moved onto canvas before she found her love for useable art.  


As an avid Cannabis consumer and advocate, she recognized a gap in the market of smoking accessories. Though one could find a rolling tray, a grinder, or a lighter separately; matching sets could not be found. KayEmElle Art aims to provide the consumer with an aesthetically pleasing rolling experience at an affordable price! Basic tray sets include a metal, food safe, epoxy coated tray, a matching grinder and lighter.


Premade tray sets are available, however: tray sets are fully customizable with the consumers photo, logo, design art, you name it! Wholesale rates and shipping are also available.

While KayEmElle Art mainly focuses on the smoker’s experience, by specializing in 3 piece custom rolling tray sets; Keny appeased her customers requests and has expanded the tray line to include makeup, perfume and bar sets. Those sets include of course a handcrafted custom tray
and accessories like a makeup brush jar or drinking glasses to name a few.

KayEmElle Art’s premade sets are made with everyone in mind. You will find a wide variety of themes from The Boondocks, to your favorite sports team, Ricky & Morty, Marilyn Monroe, Nipsey Hussle and more!

The garage has now turned into a full fledged studio. KayEmElle Art has been nominated for “Best Rolling Tray” at both the Las Vegas and Phoenix Cannabis Award Music Festivals. With award competitors such as Raw and Stiizzy, Keny sees this as only the start of something great! Over the past two years, KayEmElle Art has had the pleasure of establishing many great relationships and bonds leading to fantastic collaborations with bands such as The Kotton Mouth Kings, Madchild, Big Homie CC, ManBoyMafia. Cannabis Model Esther Hakuna, Live To Blaze, Jardin, Exhale, Golden Sol Circus and Crenshaw Rolling Papers to name a few.

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